How to behave with CHINA/SHANGHAI people?


Hi friends,
I am going for a business trip, training to shanghai. Please guide me on how to behave, interact and learn from CHINESE.

Since English language is not prominent there..please give me some tips.



gary o

Behave just as you would at a business meeting here…..If it is a business meeting they will probably speak English. If not….why are you going unless you speak Chinese.


Treat them like you would treat anyone else you don’t know. Be polite, treat them with respect, learn some about Chinese culture and tradition.

Some tips:
-Dress conservatively. That means neutral colors for both men and women. Suits are expected for business meetings. Women should not wear high heels or revealing clothing, because Chinese businessmen will not take seriously a woman who displays too much.

-Watch your gestures. To point, use your whole hand, not your index finger. Avoid large gestures, which can be distracting. Personal contact, such as a slap on the shoulder, is considered inappropriate.

-Give care to the use of business cards. Give and receive them with both hands to each individual. Do not write on them, which would be like writing on the person’s face, or put them in your wallet, where you would sit on the card. Carry a card case for your purse or jacket.

-Respect your Chinese counterpart. Use the person’s title and last name, rather than the familiarity of the first name.

-Follow protocol for business meetings. Show up on time, and let the most important person in your group enter first to show who is in charge. That person should lead discussion for your group. Let the Chinese leave the meeting first.

-Use proper etiquette at banquets. Taste some of everything that is offered, and always leave a little on your plate when you’re done eating. Don’t stick your chopsticks upright in the rice, as this is how respect is shown to dead ancestors, much like other cultures put flowers on graves. Also, don’t talk business at meals.

-Bring a gift to company officials, something representative of your region. The gift should be wrapped and presented with both hands as “a small token of appreciation.”

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