How will be the climate in Beijing/Shanghai around 15-20 October?


I am planning to visit Beijing and Shanghai (and also Xian and Kunming) between 15-25 October this year. How will the climate be around that time? Do I need to carry woolens? Heavy or light? Please tell me since I have no idea what clothing I should carry? Thanks




The weather? fantastic…. it might still be a bit warm during the day. just bring along summer clothings and a wind breaker to put on in the evening when the temp drops. (not so for shanghai). Try the crabs in Shanghai. Beijing should still be warm then (there is no such thing as winter in Beijing…. it gets either hot or cold) Xi’an should be about 20 degrees celsius. Go for layering in your clothings…


it will finally cool off from the summer heat.
Pollution and smog will still be big issue, especially in Beijing.
I suggest you bring a mask with you on your travel to China.

James Liu

A light woolens will be fine for Beijing and Xi’an as it will be round 15 degree centigrade, while Shanghai and Kunming is still warm to 25.

It is probably the best season for the whole year in China.
Have a nice trip!

Lilo N

China is still in Autumn in October, so it won’t be too cold. You can bring jackets.


it will be cloudy…check CNN…dandy!

Wolffy Khan

That’s best season in Beijing. Bring enough money will be fine.

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